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We have installed insulation in Arizona for 20 years!


History of Spray Foam Insulation

History of Spray Foam Insulation

Otto Mayer – Polyurethane Foam 

In the 1940’s German scientist and chemist, Otto Mayer, invented spray foam polyurethane. The polyurethane foam was brought to the United States during the war for aviation and nautical purposes.

Walter Baughman – The “Blend-o-Meter”

The Blend-O-Meter was invented by Walter Baughman and allowed individuals to mix the foam easier.  It was a very complicated machine that allowed people to add the individual foam components to the chemical solution and create plastics.

Fred Gusmer -The Proportioner

Gusmer created the foam proportioner and the spray foam gun which allowed individuals to accurately proportion the a and b chemicals and mix foam correctly.

Spray Foam Service Areas

We install spray foam insulation all over the Valley of the Sun!  

We install spray foam insulation in the following cities.

Glendale | Phoenix | Peoria | Tempe | Buckeye | Ahwatukee | Chandler | Mesa | Apache Junction | Scottsdale | New River | Paradise Valley

We install spray foam insulation pretty much anywhere in Maricopa County.

Spray Foam Applications

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

This type of spray foam is perfect for homes in Arizona!!  We love installing open cell spray foam.  We have installed open cell (OC) for 20 years! Open cell spray foam is great for Phoenix.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

This is a low expanding type of foam. There isn’t really anything that compares to it’s value. In terms of R-value and per inch cost, it’s worth every penny. In our humble opinion, this the king of insulation!

Drill & Fill Spray Foam Insulation

We are drill and fill experts!  You can install spray foam without removing the drywall.

Looking for answers to your insulation questions?

Well you have come to the right place! look through our insulation FAQ to find the answers to the most frequently asked insulation questions! If theres a question you don’t see on the list be sure to contact us and ask!

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